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So hastily Shinta he did not read any posts or pictures that show that the WC was for men or for women. He went straight in. However, once inside the WC, he noticed an athletic man was peeing. Oops! The man was shocked and turned around .., “Eh Shinta .., you wrong go in .., this men’s toilet ..” Shinta was shocked to death. Apparently the supervisor was peeing there. And accidentally, Shinta’s eyes pointed at the long round object of the trouser ritsluiting that the supervisor was holding. Apparently the supervisor’s pubic stem has not been inserted into the nest. With her face flushed with embarrassment, Shinta threw her face away and immediately wanted to leave the place. Damn ..! he muttered to himself.

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But apparently the supervisor did not want to waste that golden opportunity. Shinta’s hand was withdrawn and her body rested against the wall. “Shin .. I have long wanted to enjoy the beauty of your body .. You must have also heard that in this office the most powerful is me .. Well now it’s time we try what you hear from friends ..”
Hearing that Shinta was shocked to death. He did not expect that a highly respected supervisor for his charisma had such a heart. “But sir .., I’m sick stomach ya .., anyways Bapak ‘khan my supervisor .., do you do it to me?”

“Oh .., do not worry Shin .., just a minute kok .. Edi’s mother just ever do it with me kok ..”, said the supervisor as he roughly unbuttoned the top suit used Shinta. “Ja .., do not sir .., please do not .., remember your position in the office ..”, shriek Shinta. “To .., please .., please ..!”, Looks Shinta trying to struggle because the supervisor’s hand began to enter into his super-large size BH, 38C. And .., bret .., bret .., Shinta’s clothes look torn here and there .. And with one beat, BH Shinta down and fell to the floor. Despite trying to push and kick the athletic body, but the lust of the supervisor who was so savage continue to make him able to grip the body smooth Shinta who now only wearing underwear and continue to squeeze into the wall of the toilet.

Feeling confident that he could not run from there, Shinta could only surrender. Now the supervisor’s mouth had started sucking on his large nipple. Just like a newborn baby is feeding to his mother. The passion in Shinta suddenly appeared and flared up. By deliberately gaining the pubic bone of the supervisor who had stood up from earlier. And shaken-kocokknya slowly. Indeed, the pubic trunk is very large and long. “Well, it would be nice if ya ngisi my hole .., I’ve long ngangenin stem of pleasure that is big and long ..”, thought Shinta in the heart.

Meanwhile, the supervisor’s hand had already released all the white underwear worn by Shinta … And the supervisor also opens all his clothes .., until now both are equally in a state without clothes a piece of thread. The supervisor raised Shinta’s right leg to his waist and slowly pushed his cock into Shinta’s femininity. Bles .., bless .., jebb .., half of the trunk of the genitals that go perfectly into the hole of the paradise of women who apparently was no longer a virgin. Shinta was shocked to feel the size of the pubic trunk in her feminine pit. The supervisor just kept pushing forward his cock shaft as he kissed and smacked Shinta’s sexy lips. Shinta does not want to lose. He also stepped back to face the attack of the supervisor. Jeb .., jeb .., jebb ..! The big pubic stem came out in and out again .. Shinta until closed-joy felt an unparalleled pleasure … Her stomach pain was forgotten.

Ten minutes later, they changed their positions. Shinta is now clinging to the top of the closet and her ass in the presence of the supervisor. Seeing the exciting scenery, without wasting time the supervisor immediately insert his cock from the back of Shinta’s genitals .., bless .., bless .., jeb .., jebb ..! The supervisor is engrossed in doing the action. His right hand tried to grab her breasts while continuing to jab her super pubic stem into Shinta’s femininity.

“Daddy sitting now on this closet .., let me now turn active ..”, said Shinta in the midst of their game full of lust. The supervisor obeyed. Without waiting anymore, Shinta grabbed the two times harder and bigger pubic trunks, to quickly put her into the burrow pit. He sat up and down on top of that magical pubic trunk. While the eyes of the supervisor closed-joy felt the heavenly pleasure. His hands twisted Shinta’s twin mountain. “Ooh .., oh .., ohh ..”, groaned Shinta full of pleasure.

The pubic trunk was so strong, solid and hard. Although it has been repeatedly stuck to the front, back, or from above, has not been shown to spew a thick white liquid. Seeing that, Shinta immediately stepped off the supervisor’s lap. Eagerly he grabbed the pubic trunk to put it in his mouth. He gently licked and sucked and twisted with his tongue … oooh .., oh .., oohh .., this time replace the supervisor who moaned because it felt pleasure. Fifteen minutes later, the supervisor’s face seemed to tighten and he clutched Shinta’s shoulders very tightly .. Shinta realized what was going to happen .., but she ignored her .., she just kept sucking on that magical pubic trunk .., and right. ., crot .., crot .., crott ..! The spray of semen into the sexy mouth of Shinta without being blocked again. Shinta also swallows all the semen, including licking that remains in the trunk of the supervisor’s stomach with greed …
Since the incident in the toilets, they do not stop intercourse anywhere and whenever they are passionate .., in the car, in the hotel, in the supervisor’s house (even if the wife is pregnant).

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