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Erica’s Have A New Toy SEX

sex movies, alsha pussy hair, natural pussy, nice ass This story is a spin off from a longer piece of mine called ‘Erica’s Story’, although it isn’t necessary to have read Erica’s Story for this one to make sense. As I explain in Part One of Erica’s Story, it originally began as a series of emails written for the amusement of ‘Erica’, a frustrated housewife from suburban Australia. The backstory I gave Erica in the story is Anal Foreplay Tips, based on what she has told me, more-or-less true. The big point of divergence is where Erica agrees to meet her email correspondent in real life and begins her adventures in depravity. From that point on the story is fiction, designed to flesh out Erica’s fantasies and desires.

This story is about the ‘real’ Erica. It elaborates on email conversations we’ve had since her story entered the public domain and she has sought new ways to relieve her frustrations. I have no reason not to believe the events she described to me in her emails haven’t really happened, so to a much greater extent than the main Erica’s Story, it is fair to say this is ‘based on a true story…’

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‘Erica’ was frustrated. Exchanging dirty emails with Philip Mitchell Stein had been a huge turn on, and it was a thrill being able to read about her fantasies on Literotica – she was wet all day, fingering herself constantly while reading the stories. But since the story had gone online he’d stopped writing it directly for her. It was less fun to read, “Erica is on the bed: tied up, blindfolded,” than it was when Philip had originally written, “You’re on the bed: tied up, blindfolded,” and had used her real name. The new parts of the story were all in the third person, and about a character called Erica. No matter that she knew ‘Erica’ was really her, it wasn’t quite the same as it would have been seeing her real name on the screen.

That said, Erica was still as horny as hell, and thought about sex almost constantly. Every time she was home alone she’d be online reading erotic fiction, or exchanging emails with guys who’d posted adverts on Craigslist, looking for a new source of excitement, whilst still too scared to make the leap into the real world or jeopardize her marriage. The six months of exchanging emails about progressively filthy fucking with Philip had made Erica increasingly sex-obsessed: she seemed to be constantly wet these days, and there was a perpetual tension in her hole pussy wet she struggled to relieve. There was only one way Erica knew to ease the frustration in her body and that was to masturbate. Consequently, her finger was on her clit any time she had the opportunity.

Erica had never used a sex toy. Philip had asked her if she had a vibrator early on in their correspondence, and she’d replied in the negative. She had never dared do anything which so explicitly acknowledged her sexual urges and the frustrations of her married life. Still, when Philip had introduced vibrators and dildos into the fantasy he was writing for her she found the idea exciting, and had encouraged Philip to have ‘Tina’ apply them to her fictional body on a regular basis, and had insisted on the sex toys always being intimidatingly large. The thought of having her body stretched and filled, invaded even, by a long thick dildo made her ache with pent-up lust as she wondered what it would feel like. Inevitably, her fingers would blur over her clit as she sought the release of an orgasm.

Eventually the idea of using a vibrator began to fascinate her. It was such a blatantly sexual thing to do; something which would provide her with a new source of pleasure yet still be a ‘safe’ activity. Just thinking about holding a vibrator to her body made Erica wet, and for a few weeks she managed to increase the intensity of her climaxes by imagining she was using a buzzing toy on her sopping wet pussy as she masturbated the old-fashioned way.

Soon Erica had talked herself into buying one. But how? If she ordered it online there was a chance her husband or daughters would be home when it was delivered. The thought made her shudder; this was meant to be a secret, not the action which revealed to her family that their wife and mother was a sex-mad serial masturbator. The same applied to the place she worked at two days a week. Having her boss query what the parcel was didn’t bear thinking about. No: she’d have to go to a shop. Anyway, when she looked online she found it difficult to visualize exactly how big six inches, or eight inches actually was, and the descriptions of the girth didn’t give her any sense of how thick they would be, or how much they would stretch her pussy. Looking at the sex toys online, it was difficult to for Erica imagine what they would feel like inside her.

There were adult stores all over the city. Erica had noticed them in the past when she was driving around doing chores, but apart from a vague Pavlovian association with sex, which gave her a small thrill each time she saw a sign saying ‘Sexyland’ or ‘Club X’, she hadn’t given them much thought before. Which shop to choose was an easy decision; there was one in her own suburb, but it wasn’t very far from the school her daughters attended. The shame she knew she’d feel seeing another mother as she walked out of the store filled her with dread. No; there was a Sexyland two suburbs away. That was where she’d go.

Even with the decision made, it was another two weeks before Erica got in her car and drove to the store. Firstly there was a prolonged period of psyching herself up. The thought of the looks she’d receive from the shop assistant as she made her decision put her off. What if it was some creepy old guy who leered at her when she went to the counter? Then there was the need to get her purchase into the house without her husband seeing it. Better by far to wait until he was away on a work trip.

Finally Brett went to Perth on business. Erica spent the morning at work with her mind focused only on what she was going to do. Just thinking about buying the sex toy was turning Erica on to the point where the ache in her pussy was unbearable. At 10.30, when her colleagues went for a coffee, she snuck off to the bathroom and hid in a toilet stall. With her panties around her ankles she marveled at how wet she was, and began to finger herself, rubbing over the hood of her clit frantically in a bid to make herself cum as quickly as possible. Soon, the electric tingle of a small orgasm washed out from her clit, and she sat back on the toilet seat, panting with relief, and her frustrations somewhat eased. Hurriedly, she pulled up her panties and returned to her desk, where her thoughts went right back to whether she dared go to the adult store.

Erica got nothing done that morning. In her mind, she had designated it as ‘V day’, but her uncertainty was leaving her paralyzed, unable to concentrate. The files she was meant to be organizing held no interest for her; all she could think about was how much she wanted to masturbate again, and her thoughts centered on how much extra pleasure a vibrator would give her. Finally there was a moment where she realized she wasn’t going to put it off any longer. After lunch, when her shift finished, she was going to detour past the Sexyland, pull up in the parking lot and walk straight into the store. And that’s exactly what she did, right up to the point where her hand was on the door to the store, where she paused one final time before walking inside.

In the store Erica was anxious but also very excited. There was only one reason to be here, and it was to do with sex, and her physical pleasure, and the knowledge she was finally going to do something to satisfy her craving for sexual relief. Already her horniness level had increased several notches, and there was a nervous tension in her body focused on her clit. She knew she was getting wet, and knew this was something she wanted to do more than anything. Glancing around to get her bearings, she walked into the heart of the store.

It was quiet in the shop. There was an old guy in an overcoat browsing through the DVD racks, otherwise the only other person was the man behind the counter, who was younger and more ordinary looking than she’d expected. Even so, something about the vibe of the place made Erica suspect she must have been the first woman in the store for a while. Regardless, once she was in it was surprisingly easy to walk up to the shelves with the vibrators on display and stand in front of them. There was so much choice!

Erica realized she hadn’t given enough thought to what she wanted. Some of the ones she’d seen online weren’t there, and others she hadn’t seen were prominently displayed, making the research she’d already done superfluous. Erica worked through the selection, rejecting some and mentally bookmarking others. The ones which looked all futuristic, like plastic models of the Starship Enterprise, didn’t interest her. The smooth silver bullets were shiny, and had a sense of bulk that she found kind of appealing, but ultimately they were not what she was looking for.

What she wanted was something that looked like a cock, but maybe a bit bigger than the real penises she had experienced to date. Some were ultra-realistic, all veiny and with a swollen, circumcised head. There was a particularly large one, with an especially thick girth, prominently displayed, and Erica imagined it stretching her as it slid between her pussy flaps. For a moment Erica almost went with one of these, and had started to narrow her decision down, wondering whether she really should go with the biggest one available as her first. Then she saw a smooth matt black one, not especially long, but relatively thick, with an engorged knob at the end.

Erica was struck by a thought; actually two thoughts. One part of her mind realized a not-too-large black toy would blend in with her handbag lining and go unnoticed if someone ever looked inside it. Another, louder, part of her mind had the phrase about ‘going black…’pressing for attention. She had never been with a black man, but she thought about the turn on it would be with something other than a pink cock between her legs. For a moment her mind wandered as she drifted into a daydream in which a muscled black man with a twelve inch cock was pounding her roughly from behind. When, a few moments later, she came round from her reverie with a pink flush creeping over her face, she realized she had made her mind up.

The guy behind the counter was polite and didn’t blink an eyelid when Erica took her choice to the cash register. She was hoping she wouldn’t have to speak too much, and found herself struggling to reply when the guy asked her, “Do you want it in a bag?”

Seeing Erica’s hesitation, he reassured her, “It’s OK, it’s a plain bag.”

This time Erica nodded, and was handed her change, and the boxed vibrator, hidden in a plastic bag. Turning away from the counter, she dashed out of the store toward the parking lot.

She owned her own vibrator! Erica was excited and horny; the ache in her body had returned with a vengeance, and she couldn’t wait to try out her new toy. Out of her mind with impatience, she drove straight from the sex shop to a local park. The parking area was surrounded by trees and at 2 p.m. on a mid-week afternoon was deserted. Erica pulled up in the far corner of the lot, facing away from the entrances to both the road and the park.

Out of the box, the vibrator felt substantial in Erica’s hands. She turned it, examining the matt black lines, tentatively pressing the button at the base, noting there were three speed options. Realizing she wasn’t going to get any further until she fitted the batteries, she put the vibrator down again. The batteries were in the box, but Erica fumbled as she removed them from the packet, figured out where they went, and installed them.

By the time the batteries were in Erica was desperate to know what the vibrator would feel like on her pussy. She knew she was wet; the urge to finger her clit was overwhelming and amplified by the knowledge that this time she wouldn’t just be using her digits. She glanced around; the carpark was still deserted. Why the hell not?

The tight work pants Erica was wearing were difficult to remove. The best she could do was shuffle them down to her knees before lifting her hips to slide her panties down around her thighs. Her pussy was so wet she literally had to peel her soaked panties off, before forcing them down as close to her knees as possible. This was it. Erica turned on the vibrator, selecting the slowest speed. She lowered it to her pussy, and yelped with shock when she felt the first buzz against her clit. It was wonderful! Slowly moving it around a bit, she experimented, experiencing what it did to her. The constant tingling sensation was new and intensely pleasurable; already she could feel herself gush even wetter, and it felt like the nerves in her vagina were on fire as a hard, fast orgasm began to take over her body.

Her body began to shake, but Erica kept the vibrator pressed to her clit. The pulsating rhythm was too addictive for her to stop. There was a moment where Erica imagined she’d be able to stay like this forever. Then, as her pussy began to contract, tightening as her climax reached its peak, she sank the vibe all the way into her body, increasing the speed to the maximum setting as she did so. The contractions in her pussy were turning into pulsing spasms. The new sensation, of being filled with the buzzing mass of the vibrator, made Erica gasp, leaving her breathless as she came uncontrollably around the toy.

The vibrator was sustaining Erica’s orgasm in a way she had never experienced before. She kept her fingers on the base, pushing the pleasure-toy into her body, keeping it pressed in as firmly as she could; then she began to massage her clit with her fingers. The thrill was overwhelming. The pent-up tension, the release which came from finally plucking up the courage to buy the vibrator, the fact she was in a public parking area pleasuring herself but didn’t even remotely care, the sensations coursing through her body; they were all combining to send Erica’s excitement to a level she hadn’t imagined possible.

She stayed like this for an hour, her pussy cumming and cumming as the vibrator buzzed continuously inside her and her fingers moved over her clit, constantly searching for the perfect spot. Every so often she would push her fingers inside her body, amazed at how wet she was. Then, impatient to resume pleasuring herself, she would smear the juices she had collected over her clit, and push the vibrator back into her, feeling even more wetness flow out down the sides of the shaft, coating her thighs and leaving a puddle on the seat beneath her. How had she lived her whole life not knowing this was possible? It seemed like she had wasted 15 years of her life denying herself this pleasure.

Finally, after the longest, most sustained orgasm of her life, Erica turned off the vibrator. Her body was exhausted from her hour-long climax, but already she was thinking about when she would next be able to use her new possession. For now though, it was 3 p.m. and she had told her daughters she would collect them from school. Reluctant to remove the vibrator, she simply pulled her panties and pants back up, keeping the shaft of her new toy inside her, then turned on the car engine and drove to the school.

Outside the school gate, Erica was conscious of the vibrator still filling her pussy. She felt slutty but exhilarated, and wondered if the other mothers could tell how flushed she was. When Bree and Jessica approached the car, she thought what they’d think if they knew what she’d been doing. Would it disgust them? Maybe, but she wished it was OK to talk to them, and teach them about the pleasure she had just experienced. The girls had never given any hints they had become sexually active, but the thought that soon they’d be losing their virginity and discovering the joy that came with an overwhelming, heart-stopping orgasm gave Erica a guilty, vicarious thrill. Would they grow up to have the same all-consuming desires she had?

Later the same evening, when she showered, Erica removed the vibrator from her pussy, before hiding it in the bottom of her handbag. It nestled there, hidden in the folds of the lining, beneath a clutter of lipsticks and loose coins. Before she went to bed she couldn’t resist taking it out and having one more look at it. From then on the thought of her secret vibrator filled Erica’s thoughts, and every day she’d wake up wondering when she’d get an opportunity to use it.

The following morning, after the girls had gone to school, was Erica’s first chance to really explore what the vibrator could do. As soon as the front door slammed shut she dashed to her bedroom, grabbed the vibrator from her bag and stripped off her clothing. Then, with no further hesitation, she lay back on the bed, spread her legs wide, and moved her fingers down to her pussy, pushing inside herself to feel the wetness which had already accumulated. As soon as the vibrator was switched on she held it to her body, but this time, without the urgency she’d felt in the car the previous day, Erica was able to experiment more, and really distinguish the feelings produced by the different speeds, and get a sense of how it felt to use it to gradually build up to an orgasm.

At first, she started with it on her clit and held it there until she came, increasing the speed from one to two after a few minutes, then, when level two still hadn’t pushed her over the edge, up to three. A few moments of buzzing at maximum quickly had her gasping as a climax pulsed out of her clit, leaving her trembling and panting. As soon as she recovered from the first orgasm she put the vibrator back on her clit. When the pre-orgasmic tingle started, this time she slipped it inside her pussy and used her fingers on her clit, rubbing faster and faster as the internal vibrations got her increasingly excited. Once again, the next hour disappeared in a haze of non-stop orgasms. Given the time to play, Erica was finding it difficult to stop buzzing herself to orgasm after orgasm. It was only when her pussy was almost numb that she finally managed to put the vibrator down.

Even with it hidden away, it prayed on Erica’s mind, her thoughts constantly drawn back to the potential the vibrator offered her. Later that day Erica caved in, and got the vibrator out again. She only had a few minutes before she had to go and meet the girls, but she had thought of nothing else since the morning, and was horny and dripping wet. With no time for a leisurely build up she simply undid her jeans, pulled her panties forward and placed the vibrator, switched to full speed, directly onto her clit. Right away, she began to moan. Twenty seconds later she was cumming, her knees trembling as the spasms of her orgasm convulsed through her. The moment was a revelation: she didn’t need unlimited time, or absolute privacy. The vibrator could satisfy her needs almost instantly, and she’d probably be able to use it pretty much any time she felt the urge.

Over the next few weeks, Erica came to think of these variations on her vibrator usage as “the buildup,” “the pussy-fucker,” and “the quickie.” After the first few days she stopped using it at home. A lot of the time she felt the craving Brett or the girls were around, and she didn’t want them to hear the buzzing. Because of this Beginners Anal Foreplay Tips, she fell back into the habit of using her fingers at home.

More significantly, Erica came to associate the vibrator with fast, urgent pleasuring in risky situations. On her drive home from work she would return to the park where she’d first used the vibrator, turned on by the idea of cars coming and going around her with no idea what she was doing. More and more, the idea of her secret play in semi-public places became a big part of the turn on of her self-pleasuring.

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British amatuer mature slut

My name is Ana. My husband and I recently moved into a rather posh neighborhood, in a brand new town. Jason, my husband, received a new promotion, and off we went. Bangs my Wife in Bus So like the good and dutiful wife I am, I smiled and made the best of it.

I loved our new home, don’t get me wrong. It was perfect, on a quiet street in an established suburb. A wonderful place to raise our two young children. I was proud of him. Now I just had to get with the daunting task of meeting all the new mom’s and helping my family to fit in with our new neighbors.

I met a woman in the park soon after we moved in, named Lara. We became good friends, fairly quickly. We had a lot in common; our kids were close in age. I admired her confidence and her beauty. She was very fit, in her early 30’s. (pilates junkie) She had silky blonde hair, straight as a pin, that hung down her back, with sunkissed skin. Not that I was a slouch by any means. Just very different than Lara.

I myself had a naturally long and lean figure. Very pale skin, with a shock of black hair that I kept shoulder length. I was also a bit younger than Lara, only 24. But aside from the physical differences, we were both just moms trying to raise good kids while our husbands worked in the city. It was nice, having the support of a friend who understood.

One day over coffee, she mentioned that another friend of hers, Monica, was having a catalog party while the kids were in school the next day. A few other women in the neighborhood would be there, and she thought it’d be a nice way for me to make some new friends. I happily accepted her invite, excited to meet some new people.

I showed up the next afternoon at the address she gave me. It was a large house, one of the nicer homes in the neighborhood. I was directed to a den in the back of the house. It was a little darker than the rest of the brightly lit home, but very nice. There were several oversized couches, and lounge chairs, and this room was carpeted with beautiful, plush cut pile wool. There were several women already talking around the room, and I searched around, looking for Lara.

“Hello!” she greeted me, kissing my cheek. “I’d like you to meet our hostess, Monica. Monica this is Ana.”

Monica greeted me warmly. She was gorgeous, some kind of mixed race, (African American and Hispanic I think) with beautiful toasty skin. She was short, with a cute figure, curvy but toned. Her pixie haircut and tight dress were so trendy!

“Thank you for coming.” her voice practically purred, lingering on the handshake. “Please make yourself at home.”

I was passed around the room and introduced to many women. There was Teresa, a hot Latina with a very strong accent, and beautiful full lips. There was Barbie, who’s name did not betray her. She had huge tits, it was the first thing you noticed, with a tiny waist and golden curls. Also Andrea, another blonde, who had that all American soccer mom look going for her.

As we settled into our seats, Monica went up to the front of the room, where several totes were on a table.

“Now ladies, as I take out each item, I’ll give a brief demonstration, and then pass it around so that everyone has a chance to check out the merchandise.” she said, her almond eyes gleaming. “I think we’re going to have a great time today.”

As she rummaged through one of the totes, it dawned on me that I didn’t even know what she was selling today. I was so excited at being invited that it never occurred to ask. A catalog party was usually housewares and what not though, so you can imagine my surprise when Monica pulled out a shiny, hot pink vibrator.

I blushed, shocked, at the unexpected turn the afternoon had just taken. I looked around the room to see if anyone else had had my same reaction.

Everyone looked completely and politely interested as she switched the vibrator on, explaining the different settings. Even my dear friend Lara was just watching with keen interest. It was a little surreal, seeing all these classy housewives watching the queen bee demonstrating a vibrator toy sex.

I gathered myself together mentally. I mean, I was no prude. I just hadn’t been expecting all this. Besides, I wanted friends, I didn’t want to be the one to act uncomfortable. So I sat back and tried to focus

As the smaller pink vibrator was being passed around, she pulled out another one. This one was actually much larger than the last, and much fancier. You could bend it, it vibrated and spun.

I began to imagine how good it would feel to rub that monster all over my pussy, and I honestly began to get a little wet, feeling a nice tingle in my clit.

“Could I get a volunteer up here ladies?” Monica asked, her eyes gleaming. Surprising me completely, I felt Lara stand up and walk towards the front of the room, her long cornsilk hair swaying behind her.

“Lara!” Monica said excitedly. “How awesome! Would you mind giving us a little demo?” she asked sweetly. “I believe you purchased this model last time, correct?”

“I did, but I might need a new one.” she replied, giving Monica a little wink. “Starting to wear mine out.”

I could hardly concentrate on what she was saying. She turned it on, and began bending it and waving it around in her hands.

“Honestly,” she continued, as I snapped back to reality. “it really does make a great neck massager too. Although,” she said, giving a little chuckle, “anytime I start on my neck it always leads to other things.”

As she said this, she slowly began to rub the monster vibrator along her collarbone, and into her cleavage, moaning softly. I was thoroughly surprised, having never seen this side of her before.

Monica pulled out a couple more toys, a fat strap-on, and a double sided black dildo. As she began to discuss the new toys, Lara got heavier into her demo, now leaning back against the table and rubbing the vibrator over her chest. Her nipples began to poke through her white quarter sleeve button down as she ran the vibrator back and forth over her tits.

I looked around the room and noticed that most of the women were completely entranced with Lara, her moans becoming a bit more aggressive. There was much leg crossing and lip biting, while lust began to fill their burning eyes.

I understood completely, as my own pussy was becoming very saturated watching my friends performance.

Monica finally stopped what she was demonstrating, and began to chuckle.

“Lara, I can’t be upstaged at my own party!” she said in a mocking tone, as she and Lara locked together in deep eye contact.

“You know what they say girls.” she said with a shrug. “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

With that she began to slowly unbutton Lara, as Lara reached up and began to rub the buzzing vibrator across Monica’s full red lips. She shrugged her shirt off, as Monica unbuttoned the front snap of Lara’s bra.

Her beautiful perky tits sprang forward, her small dark nipples standing straight up. Monica took the vibrator and began to run it up back and forth over Lara’s tits, as she kissed her deeply.

I sat there, shocked and completely turned on, unable to look away. I began to notice that several of the women were beginning to pair off, rubbing and kissing on one another. I looked back to Lara and Monica, as Monica pulled off Lara’s khaki mini skirt and had her up on the table, rubbing the vibrator over her panty clad pussy.

I suddenly felt a pair of hands rubbing my shoulders softly, before leaning forward and going down my shirt.

I looked up, trying to see who my new friend was. It was was Deb, a small Asian woman with beautiful eyes and long shiny black hair.

“I’ve been watching you this whole time.” she whispered into my ear, tweaking my nipple with her fingers. “I was hoping I’d have first dibs on the hot young new girl.”

Everything was happening so fast, but I didn’t care. If this is what it took to fit in around here, well…it could be worse. Besides, my pussy was on fire, and this beautiful Asian woman wanted to quench it.

I leaned back while she got down in between my knees, and lifted off my shirt. She yanked my bra down and moaned as she began to suckle one of my swollen nipples. I rubbed my hands in her hair, but kept my eyes on what was going on around the room.

Monica had Lara completely nude, up on the tell table, and was fucking her wet trimmed cunt with the monster vibrator, as Lara squeaked with delight, begging for more.

Two more women, a busty red head and a brunette, they were laying on a plush rug, and already in a heated 69 position, sucking and fucking each others lubed up pussies.

Another woman was bent over one of the overstuffed chairs, a small young black woman, as a perky middle aged milf fucked her doggy style in the ass with the strap-on.

On the floor near me, Barbie with the huge tits was laying on her back, her blonde curls fanned out above her. Teresa, the sexy Latina woman, was on one side of her, sucking on one of her huge tits. Andrea, the soccer mom, was on the other side, sucking on the other titty, while she reached her long arms down and rubbed Barbies snatch, who in turn was laying back moaning, and rubbing both of their pussies with her hands.

As Deb was starting to undress me, she was suddenly distracted. “Deb, I need you please!” Monica said, calling her over. “Come help me tie this dirty girl up!”

“It’s ok,” I said, distractedly watching the Barbie three some, as Deb popped my nipples out of her eager mouth.

“I’ll be back for you!” she said with a grin as she scooted off to Monica’s side.

I took off the rest of my clothes, and dropped to my knees, crawling over to busty Barbie. I really wanted in on this. I knelt down in between her shapely legs, her pink pussy begging for me to taste it.

I began to lick her slowly, letting my tongue travel from the bottom to the top, back and forth, until I felt it slide easily between her sweet lips. I heard her moan loudly as her hips bucked up closer to my mouth.

I spread her lips apart with my fingers, and began to tickle her pink cum hole with the tip of my tongue, before I pushed it in. I lapped at her juicy cunt, fucking her tight hole with my tongue.

“Uuughhhh, oh my God you bitch, you’re such a tease!! she cried out, bucking her hips. “Suck my little clitty!!” she ordered, trying to push my face into her pussy.

“Barbie!” Teresa gasped, “Is that any way to treat our new friend? I think it’s time to give Barb here a lesson in manners!” she said, working her fingers into Barbies blonde hair, and giving it a forceful tug. Then both she and Andrea grabbed her arms, holding them up and holding them forcefully over her head.

“Tease that pussy good Ana!” said Andrea, as she rubbed her pussy juice onto her finger and then onto Barbie’s mouth.

I laughed, and went back down on her pink snatch, teasing her clit with my tongue.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!” she cried out, bucking her weightless body all over the floor. “It feels so good!! Don’t stop! Oh God, please don’t stop!”

Suddenly her cries became muffled. I looked up to see that Teresa was now sitting on Barbie’s face, getting licked up and down, while in turn Andrea was lying on her back with Teresa’s face shoved into her pussy. It was like a chain of pussy sucking.

I went back to Barbie and her sweet, juicy pussy. I was really enjoying myself. I really started going after her, diving in again and again, sucking her clit, flicking it with my tongue.

I heard a muffled wail, as began to throw her hips up forcefully. Her pussy exploded under my tongue as she came, a torrent of pussy juice squirting out all over my face and mouth.

Just as I was finishing up Barbie, I looked up and made eye contact with Lara. As I stood up she came over towards me, swinging a big floppy strap on. Without a word she grabbed my hand, leading me out of the room that was alive with moans and cries of passion.

She pulled me into a private sauna. There was a hot tub, a massage table, and a small stream room.

We climbed into the hot tub, and she leaned in and kissed me deeply.

“Let me eat your pussy Ana, please? she begged, as she leaned over to suck my nipples. Fuck, I was so fucking wet and horny, I almost came with her just sucking on my tits.

“I wanna taste that sweet pussy on my tongue. I want you to cum my mouth while we act like horny little sluts!” she said, provocatively.

I pulled myself up onto the ledge, and spread my legs as wide as I could. She grinned, as I watched her go down on me. It was so next level. The feeling of her hot mouth sucking away on my sloppy wet pussy, seeing how turned on she was by it. She paused briefly, long enough to shove the big rubber dong into my tight hole. She pushed it in, deeply, in and out, as she continued to assault my clit with her tongue.

“Fuck Lara, you’re making me CUM!” I squelched, as i felt my orgasm rip it’s way through my belly and out of my pussy. I rode the lightning, the exquisite pulsating adrenaline scoring it’s way across my body. Screaming and thrashing against her face only deepened my ecstasy. She kept on going as I humped my pussy across her mouth, pulling me through not just one, but two screaming orgasms.

I slid slowly into the hot tub, like melted butter into her arms. My whole body continued to shudder, the aftershocks weaving a delicate thread of electric current through my loins.

I breathed in and out, trying to catch my ragged breath. The other women began to filter in slowly, joining us in the hot tub.

“So, is this something we do on a regular basis, or…” I trailed off, looking at all the beautiful and diverse women around me.

Everyone stopped in their idle chatter, some smiling, others laughing a little. Monica cleared her throat. I could see I hadn’t been wrong earlier with my Queen Bee assessment.

“It’s something we do from time to time, yes.” she informed me, her hazel eyes sparkling, “But this isn’t ALL we do. After all, we’re all mothers and wives and career women. We fund raise, and carpool, and neighborhood watch. We are a pretty tightly knit clic though, and I think this bonding exercise we imbibe in from time to time only helps in keeping us close.” she said, smiling broadly. “Just think of it as a big secret, just between us girls.”

During her speech the hot tub had begun to stir, as girls began to catch their second wind. Before I knew it, it had turned into one big hot tub orgy. Women, half in and half out of the water, their wet naked bodies rubbing and touching one another’s flesh, mouths and tongues licking and sucking, all joined together as one

Deb turned to me and began to help me into the harness of the strap on.

“Please fuck me real hard.” she panted into my ear.

The strap on was awesome. It had this soft silicone bump in it, so that with every thrush or bounce it rubbed right up against my clit. Almost like a really amazing tribbing. The harder we fucked, the more action my pussy got too. Eventually we found our way into the steam room, where she climbed onto my lap and straddled the monster cock. Lara came with us, and had me lie down so she could sit on my face.

Her pussy tasted different than Barbs had. It was wonderful though. I pushed her lips apart with my fingers, letting her push her clit into my mouth. I was sucking hard with every thrust. I could feel my own orgasm building up as Deb and her tiny wet twat bounced excitedly onto the big black cock, her tiny tits quivering with each thrust. She and Lara were facing one another, using my body like a fucking sex doll, tweaking each others nipples as they sparked up a lighting fast pace.

“Uugggghhhh!!” I heard one of them cry out. We all began to moan and groan as we orgasmed together, our naked wet bodies writhing all over each other in pure ecstasy, over and over again.

As everyone walked slowly back to the main room, gathering their clothes and dressing themselves, Monica came in wearing a satin robe, and addressed everyone.

“Thank you all for coming out today! I know were running a little behind, so no speeding in the school zones, ok? Safety first! Oh and for any of the products you would like to purchase from today, please shoot need an email and I’ll get it ordered. Until next time ladies!